What Is A Softwood Deck

What is a softwood deck?

What is a softwood deck?

A softwood deck means that the timber is made from a softwood tree. It’s the most popular and least expensive type of decking. There are subcategories within the softwood range which include; Native and Imported.

Native softwood decking is home grown, while imported decking comes from ouside Ireland.

There is a perception that imported decking is of a higher grade or standard, simply because it is grown slower, therefore is felt to be a bit more durable.

The designs usually come in boards that are 150mm wide and 35mm thick and are reversible. One side is smooth and the other is ribbed or readed design. Customers can choose whatever side they prefer to suit their design or preferred aesthetics they would like to create.

Softwood decks come pressure treated to help to preserve the timber.