I Am Looking For A Information On A Gas Condensing Boiler

I am looking for a information on a gas condensing boiler. It needs to be 50 KW

I am looking for a information on a gas condensing boiler

The largest domestic condensing boiler we supply is the Vokera Verve 47kw open vent unit. Once we go above that, we enter into commercial boilers due to the output and they become much more expensive as the duty required is much greater. In some domestic installations, 2 boilers are installed together to give a total output but only one will work most of the time as you'll rarely require all the heat all the time. This saves gas and therefore money.

In the case of 50kw, you could use 2 x 24kw boilers and we supply Ideal, Bosch, Vokera and Ferroli.

You would need a suitably qualified gas installer to view the property so he can assess siting, fluing, condense line and the suitability of existing pipework etc before any boiler could be proposed. If it's an existing property, you may need to have the system flushed and cleansed to remove any debris or dirt from the system.