Makita Ls1018l 240v Compound Mitre Saw

Makita LS1018L 240V Compound Mitre Saw

EAN: 51824

The Makita LS1018L Compound Mitre Saw is a slide compound mitre saw with a built-in laser guide which delivers a massive mitre range of 60° – 47°. The double sliding rails, with linear ball bearings on each rail, ensure a perfectly smooth and accurate cut when cutting wider pieces of wood. Designed for craftsmen and professional joinery shops, but tough enough for site use, this saw has a large rear fence and a vertical vice that can be placed on either side of the table to securely clamp the material being cut. The soft start feature ensures a slow start-up giving enhanced control while the laser guide projects on to the material being cut making it easy to line up with your marking, giving a more accurate cut.

The angled motor housing ensures clearance for the thicker work-pieces while the constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load to complete the most demanding applications.

Technical Specifications:

• Blade Diameter: 260mm
• Max Mitre Range: 60° – 47°
• Max Mitre Cut at 90°: 91 x 310mm
• Max Mitre Cut at 45°: 91 x 220mm
• Bore Diameter: 30mm
• Max Bevel Range: 45° – 45°
• Noise Sound Pressure: 97dB(A)
• Noise Sound Power: 103dB(A)
• Noise K Factor: 3dB(A)
• Input Wattage: 1430W
• No Load Speed: 4300rpm
• Vibration K Factor: 1.5m/sec²
• Vibration: Cutting Chipboard: 2.5m/sec²
• Net Weight: 20.7kg