Makita 9404 110v 4in Belt Sander

Makita 9404 110V 4in Belt Sander

EAN: 65987

The Makita 9404 4in/100mm Belt Sander, available in 110V and 220V versions, is a reasonably compact belt sander which uses a 100 x 610mm abrasive belt. This means that it has the ability to sand both wood and metal and can remove paint and rust. The variable speed control by dial means that the belt speed can be matched to the application while its innovative design allows for sanding flush to walls with the nose and side of the sander. The auto-tracking belt system tracks the belt without the need for adjustment after mounting. A highly efficient dust collection system, with dust bag included, is designed for a cleaner work environment.

Standard equipment with the Makita 9911 includes abrasive belt, cork pad, carbon pad and dust bag with an add on optional sanding shoe available for precise sanding depth control.

Technical Specifications:

• Belt Size: 100 x 610mm
• Noise Sound Pressure: 85dB(A)
• Noise Sound Power: 96dB(A)
• Noise K Factor: 3dB(A)
• Power Rating: 1010W
• Belt Speed: 210 – 440 m/min
• Vibration K Factor: 1.5m/sec²
• Vibration: Sanding: 2.5m/sec²
• Net Weight: 4.7 kg