Junckers Industrier A/S is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of solid hardwood floors and also Denmarks largest timber manufacturer.

As Europe’s leader for manufacturing real solid pre-finished hardwood flooring, Junckers specialize in supplying floors for both large and small projects in the sports, commercial and residential segments all over Ireland.

It is the close collaboration with industry professionals which enables Junckers to maintain its position as Europe's leading supplier of solid hardwood floors. With constant interaction with builders, architects, contractors and owners, Junckers strive for their primary goal to produce top quality products.

Junckers flooring is pleasing to the eye, karmic to the soul and naturally warm to the touch and somatic feeling of solid wood underfoot. It adds authentic grain and design to any area.

Junckers began producing solid wooden floors some 80 years ago making floors for life - meaning real people’s real lives, to  look attractive through generations of daily use. Junckers use a unique manufacturing technique with all floors bearing the hallmarks of remarkable craftsmanship.

Junckers’ manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood.  Junckers is chain of custody certified according to both the timber certification schemes PEFC and FSC.

Junckers ranges includes; Original Collection, which are made from Nordic Hardwoods such as Ash and Oak, to compliment natural and classic room designs; Luxury Collection with a collection of dark toned woods which exudes elegance and adds an warm and exotic to any room; Design Collection which has new design finishes which include reflective surfaces, pearl shines, also embrace enhanced textures, bright colours or subtle tones of natural solid wood. 


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