Carberry Plastics

Carberry Plastics

Carberry Plastics

For 35 years, Carbery Plastics Limited has pioneered the development of premium quality, plastic fuel and liquid storage tanks. Today, Carbery tanks are the preferred choice of thousands of fuel distributors, heating oil technicians and architects who quite sensibly refuse to settle for a lesser brand.


Bunded Oil Tanks

Carbery Bunded Tanks consist of a ‘tank within a tank’. Fuel is stored in the inner tank, whilst the outer tank acts as a fail safe in case of a spill, significantly reducing the risk of an environmental pollution incident. In Ireland and the UK, Bunded Tanks are today a requirement at all commercial, industrial and institutional installations, as well as most domestic and agricultural installations too.

•               Low maintenance – will never, rot, rust or corrode;

•               Produced from fully recyclable materials;

•               Lockable 2” Fill Point, Access Lid and Inspection Point;

•               Tank Contents Dipstick supplied as standard;

•               Compliant with all prevailing and expected UK, Irish, EU and OFTEC requirements;

•               Produced in an ISO9001 accredited manufacturing centre of excellence;

•               Inbuilt, overfill prevention capability;

•               Officially licensed for the storage of heating oil by the experts at OFTEC*;

•               Choice of 1” BSP Bottom Outlet or environmentally preferred Top Outlet


Single Skin Oil Tank

Designed for installation within either a suitably bunded area or at those locations where a bunded Tank is not currently required, Carbery Single Skin Oil Tanks are:

•               Low maintenance;

•               UV stabilised for protection against the damaging effects of sunlight;

•               Manufactured from premium quality, corrosion resistant, materials;

•               Fully recyclable;

•               Supplied complete with factory fitted lockable Fill / Inspection Points, 1” BSP Bottom

•               Outlet, Weatherproof Venting and Contents Gauge Gland;

•               Officially licensed for the storage of heating oil by OFTEC - the Oil Firing Technical Association;

•               Suitable for non-potable water i.e. water not intended for human consumption