Blacksmith Stoves

Blacksmith Stoves

Blacksmith Stoves is an Irish Company based in Waterford and has been nine years in operation.

The Blacksmith team recognised from the start that stoves would be a desirable heating solution in both contemporary and traditional homes. Blacksmith Stoves are stoves for life - the durable cast iron construction ensures a long lasting, low maintenance stove that will give years of trouble free heat to your home.

Blacksmith Stoves, ‘A Cast Iron Masterpiece’ at the heart of warm homes

Blacksmith Stoves are an investment and each customer is assured of the very best quality and safety, expert advice, cutting edge stove technology, great design and a super after sales service.

Blacksmith stand over each and every Blacksmith Stove to ensure each customer that they represent the best in value and quality that is not just measured by price.

Blacksmith Stoves are CE approved and meet EN 13240 and EN 13229 standards.

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