Baumit are pioneers in the External Wall Insulation (EWI) field. With almost 40 years' experience in Germany, Austria and many central and eastern European countries. In Germany alone Baumit supply over three million square metres annually.

In Ireland Baumit is a major supplier of external insulation systems, with a catalogue of Baumit trained and approved installers across the country. Baumit products fulfil the quality standard EN ISO 9001and correspond to all valid national and EU requirements, – e.g. CE labelling, are NSAI approved for use Ireland.

Complete Systems:

Baumit EWI (External Wall Insulation) System is a fully integrated system offering the widest design choice available to customers.

Included in the system is all your insulation, adhesives, base coats, reinforcing meshes, primers, and finished coats, window cills, beads and accessories.

The main advantages of the Baumit System are:

  • Heat insulation and facade in one
  • The heat insulation is on the outside, increasing the living space inside
  • No heat bridges
  • Individual, diverse range of facades
  • System with European Technical Licence (ETAG 004)
  • Tuned heat insulation (Thickness as required)
  • Economical, durable system


What types of insulation do you use?

The standard materials that we use are Aerobord Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Rockwool stone wool and Kingspan phenolic insulation.

What thickness of insulation used?

The finished thickness of insulation and render will usually be about 130mm (or just over five inches).

What finishes are available?

Our standard finishes include high performance synthetic renders in various textures, with a wide range of colours to choose from. Other options available include dashed and scraped renders as well as brick and stone finishes.

Is the system NSAI approved?

The Baumit system is approved under NSAI Agrément Certificate 09/0336. Also our Approved Installers are individually certified and audited by NSAI and registered with SEAI.

What U value is achieved?

Our standard system meets the SEAI requirement of a U value of 0.27. Even higher performing systems can be supplied to meet individual client requirements. We have supplied several ‘passive house’ systems with U value as low as 0.10.

How long does the job take and is there much disruption?

Depending on the size of the house, work will typically be completed in two to three weeks. All work is done outside and our Approved Installers take great care to ensure there is minimum disruption and that everything is left neat and tidy.

What happens around my windows?

It is essential that window reveals and sills and are dealt with correctly to ensure that cold bridging is avoided. Window reveals are cut back where necessary and covered with an insulation layer. Existing window sills are cut back, covered with insulation and finally a powder coated aluminium oversill is fitted. Colour can be selected to meet client requirements.

How do you deal with existing pipes and services?

All pipework is extended and returned back into the existing outlets. All other connections (electricity, gas, TV) are dealt with in accordance with the guidelines issued by the utility companies.

What happens at plinth level?

A moisture resistant board is fitted to protect the insulation system at ground level.

I have little or no eaves overhang to work with, can my home be externally insulated?

Yes it can. An aluminium profile is used to protect the top of the external wall insulation system where there is not enough eaves overhang to cover the system at that point.


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