Treat Yourself To A Budget Bathroom Make-over

The kind of sticky heat that we’re all experiencing in Ireland right now means that you’re probably showering and bathing a lot more than normal. In other words, you’re spending a lot more time in your bathroom than you’d probably like – especially if your bathroom could do with a bit of a spruce up.

But if you don’t have the cash for such things, never mind a complete bathroom renovation, don’t worry – there are lots of little changes you can make to add some sparkle without taking a big dent out of your household budget. What are we talking about here at Heiton Buckley? Well, read on…


Size Up A New Shower Head

Add some oomph to your morning or evening shower by installing a rainshower head or even some water jets (just check that you don’t need a pump for these too if you happen to have low water pressure). You can smart shower heads these days that change colour depending on the temperature of the water eg blue for too cold, red for boiling and green for ‘go.’


Treat Yourself To New Taps

It may be a small thing to change but new taps really can make a difference. There’s such a variety these days that it can actually take quite a while to choose. If you have an old property why not go for some big and bulky traditional taps? Modern bathrooms, on the other hand, look good with lever style taps. There are also plenty of great metals to choose from for taps these days – not just polished or brushed chrome but also copper, brass and gold (yes, the latter really is back in vogue).


Get Yourself Some New Co-ordinating Bathroom Accessories

Choose one accent colour and get all the accessories to match. This could include a soap and lotion dispenser set, toilet brushes, waste paper basket, shower curtain, floor rug, towels and curtains. All that might be a bit much but certainly you could choose three or four items from the list to create a co-ordinated and more homely look for your bathroom.


Put Down New Bathroom Flooring

Again, something relatively small which can make a huge difference. Why not swap that old vinyl for some smart dark tile? Or maybe you fancy a wood-look porcelain tile (which is very trendy these days). Then again, laminate could do the trick – just put a smart (and co-ordinating) rug down in front of the bath to catch any big splashes.


Get Some New Bathroom Fittings

Swapping your toilet seat and sink for wall-hung versions can give you lots of extra storage and visual space in a small bathroom. This will also give the room more of a minimalist and modern look. It’s a more expensive option than any of the above, of course, but it certainly provides the most dramatic uplift of all. Meanwhile, because wall hung furniture isn’t that big, it’s not particularly expensive either.

Have you brightened up your bathroom on a budget recently? If so, we’d love to hear about your inexpensive make-over ideas here at Heiton Buckley.