Top Tips To Ask Your Plumber Before Starting Any Home Renovations

Renovating your home can be an exciting but daunting task especially when it comes to things like plumbing. Figuring out your plumbing situation is a key element to consider before commencing any renovation process. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and designing your dream home, Chadwicks plumbing expert, Austin Nevin has put together five all-important questions to ask your plumber to ease the renovation process and avoid any scary surprises down the line!

1. Are Heat Pumps Suitable For All Retrofits?

To find this out, you’ll need to have your house assessed by a professional prior to design. Heat pumps will only work well in houses where the insulation levels and air changes are brought up to modern, new build standards. Condensing oil and gas boilers are very efficient options to heat houses with and your plumber will know which works best for you and your renovation plans.

2. Do I Have To Use UnderFloor Heating With A Heat Pump?

You can use both radiators or underfloor heating with heat pumps. The radiators will need to be sized appropriately as heat pumps work at a lower temperature than oil or gas boilers. It may not be possible to install underfloor heating in older homes so it is important to ask your plumber this if it is your dream to have this feature.

Chadwicks Plumbing Infographic


3. Can I Control My Heating System Remotely From My Phone/Tablet?

There are many upgrades available out there to give you remote access to your existing or new heating system. Proper zoning of your home is the quickest and cheapest way of saving money on your heating costs. Ask your plumber which option is best for your home before investing in the tech.

4. How Do I Improve The Pressure To All My Taps And Showers?

You can install a booster pump to pressurise your hot and cold-water outlets throughout the house. Your cold and hot water storage tanks may need to be upgraded or changed to suit the booster pumps. This is a key piece of information to know to ensure the pressure in your water outlets is at your desired level.

5. Should I Install Solar Panels To Heat My Hot Water?

Solar panels or tubes can be a great way to save money on your heating bills as they will contribute to your hot water requirements for around 60% of the year. If you’re considering installing solar panels you will need to ensure the orientation of the roof is suitable which your plumber will be able to tell you.