Top Diy Garden Games For The Kids This Autumn

Leaf art

A great way to embrace the abundance of leaves on the ground during autumn is to get the kids outside collecting them for art projects. The leaves can be used as stencils, glued down to paper to make a collage, painted directly onto to use as a stamp, or dipped in wax to preserve them.


Bird feeder

With the months getting colder, it's time to consider the birds in your garden as they struggle to find food. Get your kids to help you hollow out a pumpkin or better yet, re purpose your Halloween attempt. They can be sat on a ledge or hung from a tree if you attach some string. Fill with your chosen bird seed and remember to poke some holes in the bottom so the rainwater can filter out.


Paint pots

Autumn is the perfect time to organise your tools and clean up all your plant pots and trays. Why not get the kids involved in the washing and scrubbing of pots with the reward of getting to paint them afterwards. A hand painted plant pot by a child is a lovely way to personalise your garden.


Leaf crown

Let's face it. The little ones rule the roost so it's only fitting they should have their own crown. Golden brown and yellow leaves make for the perfect, natural DIY crown. All you will need, besides leaves, is some brown paper or cardboard, double sided tape, markers and some scissors. Check out this beautiful, easy-to-follow, guide on how to make crowns and armbands with leaves: