Top 10 Tips From Professional Painters To Perfect Your Paint Job

Top 10 Tips From Professional Painters To Perfect Your Paint Job

You may think you know how to paint a room. Just move the furniture and lash a bit of paint up right? Wrong. You can tell the difference between a hastily painted room and one that took a bit more effort and the difference is vast. The idea is to look like you have never been there, no visible paint strokes or paint splatters just a nice smooth surface with clean lines. Here’s our top 10 tips to have you painting like a pro.

1. It sounds boring but preparation is key to a good paint job. The first step to ensure a good base is to clean the walls. Use a damp sponge and a little dish washing detergent to remove dust, dirt and grease marks.

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2. Sanding is an essential part of prepping your room and is the only way to get a smooth and professional looking paint job. You may need to use a combination of an electric sander and sand paper to tackle rough spots on the walls, around nails and fixtures and crevices in woodwork. Don’t forget the ceiling too.

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3. Use masking tape to line the skirting boards, doors, light switches and where the wall meets the ceiling. This ensures clean lines and lets you be a bit messier when reaching the edges. Even better use blue painter’s tape if you can get your hands on it. Ensure you push down the tape into the edges to nothing leaks through. Tape sandwich bags over your door handles.

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4. Use a dedicated primer before applying paint. Some pro painters will masterfully add a tint of the finished colour to the primer to help hide any irregularities underneath and give a more vibrant finished colour.


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5. Most professional painters choose canvas mats on the floor over plastic. Yes plastic is cheaper but it rips and slides about more easily and can trip you up if you’re not careful.


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 6. Sometimes paint shades can differ slightly from can to can, even though they are named the exact same shade. If you’re planning on using more than one can then it’s recommended to blend the cans together in a big bucket or container to ensure an even colour. This is known as ‘boxing’.

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 7. If you want to paint like a pro you need the proper equipment. Natural bristle brushes are best with oil-based paints and synthetic bristle brushes with latex paints and the same goes for paint rollers. An extension pole and ladder are a must.


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8. Cutting in is what you do when the wall meets the ceiling at a right angle, corners and skirting boards. Using a small brush paint along the edge keeping it as tight and straight as you can.

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9. The clean up is just as important as the paint job. Wash your paint brushes, rollers and covers in warm soapy water until the water runs clear. Allow any latex paint to dry in the cans completely before discarding. If however you are to use the paint again then secure a layer of cling film over the can and under the lid and then store the can upside down.

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 10. Finally in order to create the perfect paint job you simply must look the part. A fabulous pair of dungarees are a must for any wannabe pro painter.



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