Tips to Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

Brr! It’s cold outside.

As temperatures drop, we’re slowly updating our wardrobe to hats, scarves and warm woolly knits. When out and about, we’re sure to have a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate in our hands, battling the cold wherever we go. But what about our four-legged furry friends? If we’re cold, then they’re cold. Preparing them for the harsh upcoming months is just as important as preparing ourselves. Here’s some tips to keep your pets warm this winter.

Pet Couture

If they’re going out on a walk (dogs more than cats) get them a cosy jacket to keep them warm. When at home, cute jumpers are a great choice to help your pets stay warm in a chilly home.



Dogs regulate temperature through the sole of their feet (as well as their tongues). When walking in frosty weather, booties are a good choice for not only keeping their paws toasty but for protecting their feet from ice melting products and salt that could be on the ground.


Keep them indoors

Let your pets out only if necessary for example if they need to relieve themselves. Dogs and cats love the outdoors but they love cuddling indoors with their owners even more.



It’s important that your pets’ bed is warm and cosy during the harsh winter months. Add extra blankets and even a hot water bottle if temperatures drop significantly. Place a rug under their bed to prevent the cold temperature of the floor affecting the cosiness of their sleeping place.


Proper outdoor housing

If your pets are the outdoor type, it’s important to make sure that they have adequate shelter. Both dogs and cats need a shelter that has a proper roof. It should be raised 4-6 inches off the ground. The floor should be covered with straw and the door should have a plastic flap to block out cold drafts.


Extra food

During the winter, pets use more energy to stay warm, even indoor pets. Provide a little extra food and make sure clean, unfrozen water is available throughout the day.



Play time

Pets love playing games and during the winter, it’s a great way to keep them warm. Grab a few toys and play indoor games like fetch, tug-of-war or hide and seek.


Lots of love

Nothing warms your pets’ heart more than lots of love, affection and attention. Special treats, belly rubs, lots of cuddles and kisses are what every pet needs this winter.



Image Credit: Shutterstock