The Restorative Powers of the Bath Soak

Here at Chadwicks, we are big believers in the restorative powers of the bath.

In our fast-paced world, a shower is the choice of most people when it comes to day-to-day cleaning. After all, you can be in and out of the shower in under five minutes (or three minutes if you are super speedy – and three minutes is incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly when it comes to water and power use, as this Earth Lovers YouTube film demonstrates).

But from time to time, the siren call of the super soak beckons… And we definitely recommend a long soak as a way of relaxing, restoring and refreshing the mind and body.

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One of our most popular baths is the Advanz bath – and if you want to indulge in a super soak, this is definitely the bath to do it in. The bath has a hydromassage system which targets back pain and has six super jets specifically designed for back pain relief.

Advanz whirlpool hydrotherapy relieves muscle pain and stops muscle spasms, while the super jets are positioned in particular to target the small of the back – a common area of pain for many of us. The bath is easy to install and has low running costs.

But if you aren’t in the market for a new bath, what is the best way to get the benefits from a long soak?

First of all, many of our modern-day rooms are jam-packed with electrical equipment nowadays. The radiating energy from all of that electrical equipment (the TVs, the laptops, the cookers, microwaves, kettles, your broadband router, your Sky box etc) can certainly impact on sleep, so escaping it before bedtime is the key to restive sleep.

Traditionally, the bathroom has less electrical equipment than other rooms – so it’s the perfect place to begin your wind down anyway. Silence is golden, remember, so don’t bother with the radio or music.

The perfect bath temperature is… well, that is up to you. Ideally, it is slightly warmer than your body temperature (roughly 37C or 98.6F) but some people find very hot baths soothing.

Bath with tea

A good idea is to add in a beverage. Now, sensibly a cup of tea and ideally chamomile or a herbal tea such as valerian tea is a great idea as both can be soothing. But there are also those who like a glass of wine in the bath – just stick to the one sipped slowly, however, if you want good sleep.

And then there is what you add to your bath. Most people love bubbles, and you can pick them up for a reasonable price. But if you have sensitive skin, then soaking in highly perfumed soapy bubbles can be bad news for your skin.

Epsom salts can encourage the absorption of magnesium through the skin (and magnesium plays a part in muscle relaxation), as well as having a detoxifying effect. They are widely available in health food stores, or from chemists.

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Another idea is to use oils in your bath – 50mls or so of almond, olive, coconut or sunflower oil added to your bath can make the absorption of lotion or cream applied after the bath much easier. It gives you a double moisturiser whammy.

We might have banned music and sound from your bath spa soak, but reading in the bath is undoubtedly very relaxing. Prop yourself up, arm yourself with your favourite novelist and then read, relax and enjoy.

Do you have any other ideas for bath relaxation? We’d love to hear them! Add your comments below.