The 9 Best Irish Artists Brightening Up Our Streets

As one of Ireland’s leading paint specialists, we are always happy to see paint, design and colour put to good use. Wherever that may be. So we have taken a look into the rise of street art.

Not to be confused with common graffiti which we are strongly opposed to, street art as an art form is injecting a splash of colour back into the cities of Ireland. Artists of varied backgrounds and disciplines are brightening up our cities with their art. You’ve probably seen more of their work than you think, here are some of Ireland’s finest.

Pan Hook

This piece of the late actor Robin Williams was actually first drawn before his tragic death. Artist Pan Cook’s colourful depiction of the comedian is now a touching tribute in Blackrock, Co. Dublin

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Dublin artist Solus often depicts the story of the underdog in his work and the struggles of boys growing up too fast in a man’s world, like this piece in Limerick City.

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Former sign painter, Maser is one of Ireland’s most well known graffiti artists. Like Banksy, he prefers to let his work do the talking and is rarely pictured. He’s recently been involved in some interesting collaborations such as designing the Brown Thomas window displays teaming up with musician Damien Dempsey for the They Are Us street art project.

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Belfast artist Friz is inspired by her studies in classical animation, her work often centres around the female form.

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James Early

Artist James Early’s spray art on the front of the Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar spans an impressive four stories, making it the largest piece of street art in the country. A good sign that street art is being welcomed into the community and being considered for commercial ventures.

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ADW is a stencil artist from Dublin who earlier this year brought his work inside for a canvas exhibition at Filmbase of his best work.

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Fin Dac

Cork artist in Dac is famous for his murals and signature style of women with coloured eye masks. Earlier this year he was artist in residence at the Gibson Hotel.

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Adrian + Shane

You might have seen their work pop up in the most random of places. This artistic duo from Drogheda have a lot of fun with what they do whether it’s their larger work, stencils or small , they stamp their brand wherever they go.

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Artist DMC

Artist DMC from Belfast bases his work on the female form and darker elements, or as he puts it ‘skulls and girls’.

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