Stairway to Heaven

staircaseOne of the most underrated spaces in any property tends to be the stairs.

Usually taken for granted as something to get you from one floor to the other, very few people look at the potential they possess. Whether in residential or commercial premises, stairs can be utilised as a design feature, often giving you more floor space in the process.

Contrary to popular belief, stairs don’t have to run parallel to the wall. A metal spiral staircase is always an interesting feature, and also creates extra space on the floor below. There are many amazing metalworkers who can create something for you and it can be as decorative or as simple as you want.

If you really like the cast iron look, but don’t want to go that route, why not consider just replacing the bannisters with a cast iron rail for a contemporary stylish feel. This works especially well if a window runs alongside your stairway, as the light will get in and make the whole room airier.

Of course, if you like the fact that your stairs are alongside the wall, you can still get creative with them. It is possible to install “floating” steps. This is the same concept as a floating shelf, and looks like the steps are literally floating their way upwards, when in reality, they are tightly secured to the wall. This immediately adds more space to a room and gives a really modern feel to it.

To really open up the space while retaining the traditional alignment, why not replace your wooden stairs with glass effect material. Instead of your wood side-piece and bannister you can use a clear panel and either a tinted version or completely clear for the steps. Be warned though – you may forget they are there they will be so crystal clear.

Do remember that some of these suggestions aren’t suitable for premises with young children, but other than that, the only limit is your imagination and skill-set.