Spruce Up Your Patio Area for Spring / Summer

Having glimpsed the sun, most of us are now fantasising about spending the new few months sipping a mellow merlot while enjoying a late dinner or two on our patio without having to rush indoors for a blanket and hot water bottle any time soon.

Having said that, we probably haven’t been out there since last autumn. So no doubt there will be a bit of an overhaul of the area to face. So how to do you spruce up your patio for spring? Well here at Chadwicks we’ve already done some research for you and managed to come up some of the latest patio trends for spring and summer 2014.

Get Daring with Decking

Patio Furniture

First up, if you’re thinking of putting down decking for the first time or looking to replace what’s already there, then you might be interested to know that a survey by the national Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association in America this year showed that a decking area was among the top three features individuals and families wanted in a new build home. In other words, a decking area is becoming a bit of an essential in the modern age.

Trend-wise elevated decking areas are popular ie decking on two or more levels. This way you can create both a seating area for guests, and a separate barbecue/food preparation space.

Another popular feature for decks this spring/summer is for built in furniture ie storage areas (to hide that barbecue equipment and the soft furnishing cushions when it starts to rain), and even built-in seating. That latter takes up less room and makes the whole area look neater.

For night time, decking lighting is big business. And no wonder, with the advances in energy-efficient and cost-saving LED it can look pretty spectacular. Just about every colour under the sun is available to buy and in fact, you can have it multi-coloured and pulsating to music if you so desire (and the neighbour’s don’t object).

patio furniture

Have Fun with Furniture 

Like the avocado bathrooms, those of us old enough to remember can never see a piece of rattan furniture without indulging in a bit of 1970s nostalgia. Well, folks, the noisy furniture is back – and it’s bigger and better (or at least, more stylish) than ever before. And best of all, it’s still not too pricey either.

Fire pit tables are big in the States and we reckon it won’t be too long before the trend hits the UK either. No wonder – they’re certainly more dramatic to look at – not to mention warmer and cosier – than your traditional glass-decked coffee table. Like the camp fires of old, fire pit tables are a great focal point and who knows – they may just get everyone around   the table telling the odd tale or two.

Blue and green are the colours in which the modern patio should be seen – well, according to the trend setters that is. The best way to add colour to a decking or patio area is to buy furniture in neutral and add ‘splashes’ of colour via soft cushions, vases, lamps, candle holders etc.

Personally, here at Chadwicks we can’t wait to do the old barefoot walk on the sun-kissed decking again. How about you?