Spring Clean 7 Things To Make Out Of Items Deemed Fit For The Bin

We’ve all got old, unused items taking up space around our homes. We usually put aside a weekend where we grab a roll of black sacs and fill them with all our junk.

However, before you start your big clear out, here’s 7 things you can make out the items deemed fit for the bin.

Turn old t-shirts into trendy handbags

You’ve got a pile of t-shirts that you want to get rid of because you’re sick of wearing them. If they’re in good condition, turn them into a unique handbag.


Give empty jam jars a new lease of life

You’ve got a bag full of jam jars waiting to be dumped in the recycling bin.

However, throwing them away should be the last thing on your mind.

Clean and sterilise them and then transform them into some wonderful things. For example, use them to serve fruity cocktails, turn them into vases for your flowers (a little paint and ribbon to decorate), transform them into candle holders or use them as storage for your herbs and spices.

Make a garden bed out of an old bed frame

Create an eye-catching garden display by transforming an old bed frame into a flower bed. A lick of paint and your own unique decorations are all that’s needed here.

Here’s an easy tutorial to help get you started.

Turn your old suitcase into a bed for your furry companion

Instead of dumping your old suitcase, make it into the perfect snooze spot for your pet. Dogs and cats love to be cosy and a suitcase has enough space to do just that.

Check out this great tutorial.

Transform old tyres into comfy chairs

Old tyres are either left sitting in the back garden, gathering dust or thrown to the dump.

Instead of wasting them, turn them into something useful.

With two tyres, a wood palette, sponge for filling and a bit of fabric to cover it, you can have a cool, one-of-a-kind chair.

Make pillows out of old jeans

We normally invest a decent amount of money into our jeans collection. So instead of just throwing them out when they get a bit worn, transform them into comfortable pillows to accessorise your couch or bed.

Here’s a simple tutorial to give you some help.

Make an old ladder into a bookshelf

If you’ve got an old ladder lying around that you no longer use, turn it into a shelf for all your favourite reads.

Ladders make great bookcases and it’s a simple DIY project. Apply a coat of paint, choose a spot and place all your books and magazines on it. Easy!