Small Bathroom Adjustments Which Make a Big Difference

bathroom“Old age doesn’t come on by itself” – as the saying goes. And as far as we are concerned here at Chadwick’s, it should certainly come with some adjustments to your bathroom and other areas of your home.

Today though, we’re going to zoom in on the smallest room in your home (i.e. the bathroom) and look at some easy and inexpensive adjustments it’s possible to make to make to ensure that your life isn’t just far easier, but also worry-free. After all, statistically if there is one room in your home that you are more likely to slip and injure yourself in than any other, it’s the bathroom.

Easy Bathroom Adjustments For Safety

  • You may have floor tiles in your bathroom at the minute but give serious thought to fitting laminate or vinyl flooring. Forget the plain vinyl flooring of the 1950s and 60s. Today you can buy some incredibly bright and stylish patterns. Happily vinyl is also one of the least expensive forms of flooring around.
  • Waterproof wall panelling means you’re going nowhere (which is exactly what you want) when you’re getting out of the bath and attempting to steady yourself against the wall These sheets tend to be made from either PVC or MDF laminate. Again, these panels can look modern and smart so you should have no worries about your bathroom losing out in the style stakes.
  • Take out the big or free-standing version and get a walk-in bath installed instead. With a discreet and water-tight door these couldn’t be easier to get in and out off. In addition, they are great for space-compromised bathrooms since they hardly take up any room. Another bonus is that sitting upright means you can also read a magazine and have a cuppa at the same time. Sorted!
  • Install a low level shower tray. Fitting a shower try that you don’t have to step up to means there’s less chance of slipping and falling. These aren’t expensive, are simple to fit and are more in keeping with the ‘curbless shower’ trend.
  • Have a bench or seat added to your shower. This means you won’t have to stand constantly (which can be a problem if you suffer from low blood pressure or have back problems). It’s also easier to do those other bathroom tasks such as toe nail cutting when you’re sitting down.
  • Get a shatter-proof screen for the shower. This takes away the worry about the possibility of slipping and falling against the shower door and doing some real damage. Shower screens come in all shapes and sizes these days, from sliding panels to half-height versions. It’s even difficult to tell the difference between a shatter-proof screen and other ‘standard’ screens.
  • Fit a grab rail. This is probably the most obvious adjustment you can make to a bathroom for an elderly user but it’s pretty essential if you happen to have a standard bath or even a shower. There are plenty of attractive grab rails around today with many made from shiny chrome or painted white to blend in with bathroom tiles.

There – we told you the adjustments weren’t that difficult. They will, however, make all the difference to your peace of mind and physical safety if you happen to be getting on in years. Come in and ask our Chadwick’s staff for advice any time. We’d be happy to help.