Revelling in Rustic

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Rustic is a huge look right now, and many people are looking to add this charming look to their home without too much disruption.

If you have decent carpentry skills, this it is quite easy to immediately add a little country charm to a room, home or office as the main key to this look is wood. And lots of it. It also doesn’t have to be hugely expensive as logs and palette wood work really well for this. It is also a great way to use up cut away wood from other projects. The trick is to make things look completely organic so finishes should be basic and not completely polished. 

Rustic carpentry is a also a great way to use up random cutaways from other projects. If you have odd slats of wood (they don’t all have to be the same colour) you can join them together using wood glue and small nails to make a coffee table top and all you need to do is add some legs. Lay them in an interesting pattern and you will have a cheap as chips piece of furniture that looks far more expensive than it was.

For a more ambitious project, you could make a barn door headboard. Using reclaimed pallet wood instead of barn door wood will also make this an economical option. Take the top planks off the palette and use them to fashion two doors which you you place side by side. The effect should be two doors closed over. You can get some interesting rustic looking hinges and locks in DIY stores and add them for decor to complete the door effect . This can then be stained or left natural depending on the surroundings and is a great focal point for any bedroom.

Logs are a great way to add an instant rustic feel. People pay interior designers a fortune to come up with this look but it is actually relatively cheap and can be very simple. A long narrow log can be used to replace a bannister, two stripped, unfinished logs about a foot and a half tall can be used as bedside tables (hollow them out and you have lockers), cutting the logs into rings a few inches thick and sticking them together can make an interesting wall hanging. If you’re incredibly handy, you could hollow out a large log so that you have a shelving effect throughout, and you have gorgeous and sturdy storage.

These are just a few ideas to fuel your creative juices but the possibilities are endless and rustic is really big business at the moment so it’s worth getting your thinking cap on to see what you can come up with.