A Place For Everything!

storageThe biggest bugbear that most people have about their homes is lack of storage. It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny studio or a sprawling estate – there just never seems to be enough of it.

With a bit of lateral thinking and ingenuity, you can declutter your abode and have a place for everything – although everything staying in its place is another matter!

Suck it up

Vacuum bags are a hugely practical storage solution. They are great for storing out of season clothes, spare duvets and blankets, or formal wear that you don’t need very often. Once you’ve filled them and sucked all the air out of them to reduce them in size, they will sit flat, so you can even put them on top of a wardrobe to save valuable space inside. Your items will also be well protected.

Going up

Instead of trying to find eye level places to store things, look to the skies – or your ceiling! Most people have space on top of cupboards in at least one room, and it’s just going to waste. Invest in some funky baskets or colourful bins that can sit on top and become a style feature, yet can also be used for storing items.

Hooked on it

Shower curtain hooks have more than just the obvious use. If you have an abundance of handbags and scarves cluttering up your closet you can put these on the rail and hook them through them to keep them organised, tidy and easily accessible.

Spice it up

Those cute little spice jars that you see in homeware stores can also be used to store pernickety smaller items you have lying around such as paper clips and rubber bands.

Shoe in

Over the door shoe holders can also be used in your kitchen and bathroom to store any incidentals you have lying around. The pockets are deceptively big and they ensure that items are in easy reach and safely stored.

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