Most Popular DIY Tasks

Whether you love it or loathe it, DIY is a multi-million industry and one which, if you carry it out properly, can save you a fortune in tradesmen expenses.

Here at Chadwick’s we’ve met all types of DIY enthusiasts – from the weekend repair man to the full-time practitioner. It’s been helpful to us in the past to survey customers to find out which products they’re particularly keen on and others they would like us to stock. In the course of our research we’ve discovered the Top 10 DIY tasks individuals tend to carry out. And here they are right here:

1. Fixing a leaky tap – a matter of unscrewing the tap and changing the old washer with a new version. It doesn’t take a minute and helps restore your peace of mind

2. Silencing a squeaky floorboard (or two) – prevent that loose board rubbing against the joists by joining the joists and board together via some screws.

3. Unblocking a sink – a plunger is usually our pal in this scenario. If, in the unlikely event, we’re let down it’s a case of unscrewing the U-bend and literally getting our hands dirty.

4. Bleeding radiators – always put a towel underneath the radiator to catch the water and use a vent key to open up the radiator valve. Adjust your combi boiler pressure afterwards.

5. Removing a broken tile – getting rid of the grout surrounding the offending tile with a grouting saw is the first thing to do here (in order to prevent cracking any other nearby tiles) then hammer out the broken bits by covering the tile with a cloth so you’re ready to catch them.

6. Repainting a room – remember to choose the right type of paint for the room’s humidity levels ie silk for a bathroom or kitchen. Wash walls with sugar soap before painting and rinse with water.

7. Putting up shelves – check the type of wall you have before you buy the shelving as this will dictate whether you need wall plugs or just screws to secure the shelves. Make sure there are no precious pipes nearby too. Always use a spirit level for perfect balance.

8. Insulating pipes – this is a must otherwise your pipes could very well freeze and burst. Insulating both your pipes and hot water tank will also save you money on utility bills. Use foam and seal with tape.

9. Repointing the patio – on a dry day clean out the old joints then fill with a mix of soft sand and cement using a brush then your hands. Rub over with a hose.

10. Add door security features – put extra bolts onto exterior doors together with a guard to limit how wide the door will open.

Here at Chadwicks we have in a fine selection of power tools and DIY accessories from jig saws and angle grinders to sanders and drills. And there’s usually a special promotion on too so why not take a look at our website or store today?