Man Caves She Sheds The Expert Opinion

In any healthy relationship, it's crucial that you have time apart from your partner. Especially when you live together.

What's the best way to do that? Have a space to call your own!

The Man Cave – Why Men Need One?


'˜They are places where a man can not only recharge and relax, but also fully express himself in a way not possible in a work environment or a shared home with a wife and/or children,'' says Johnathan Bennett of The Popular Man.

''Although some partners might be sceptical of the man cave idea, they would be better off encouraging it. By forging a positive, authentic masculine identity in his home, a man is, whether he knows it or not, making himself a better person, husband and father''

''Most partners would prefer this expression of masculinity to more stereotypical ones like a midlife crisis or hitting the bars with friends.’’

Interior designer, Darla Powell says ''first of all, I think it''s important for everyone to have their own space to get away from it all, but perhaps men more because of the way they stereotypically deal with their emotions and feelings. Men tend to bottle up and so, they need a relaxing, distracting outlet to work things through and escape from the world.''

Life Coach, Aprille Franks-Hunt feel women own most of the house so it''s only fair that men get that one space they can have all to themselves.

''Women own most of the house. The bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and many cases living/family room. We just take them based on the assumption that we are (stereotypically) decorating them, cleaning them, and camping out so-to-speak in them.''

Therefore, it's not surprising that men want (and need) a space of their own.

The She-Shed,Why Women Need One?

she shed 

''Women need a space for themselves, they juggle more than men. Every day, women are juggling three things – work, home, and their children. It’s important to have a she-shed just to be you – even for 20 minutes!,'' says life coach Mary Curran.

''It's important to nurture yourself. You need that headspace between work and life, you need that headspace between your significant other and your kids. A she-shed offers you the time just to be ,not doing.''

‘’Make your space a haven with the colours that you love. It should be a place that when you enter, it just breaths calmness''

Life coach and Relationship Expert, April Davis feels men aren’t the only ones who deserve their own lair.

‘’The she-shed is the perfect place to designate personal time, especially if space permits it to be a literal shed, separated from the house''

An upside? ‘’You can decorate it however you want. Men go all out when decorating their man-caves, so why shouldn’t you!,''

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, she feels it’s calming to have a space to call your own.

''Somewhere you can literally do anything. Not only is being removed the best way to clear your head after an argument, but it's also the best place for critical thinking and relaxation.''

Sherry Richert Belul, Life Coach says ‘’Women are very intuitive beings. We tend to get gut feelings and a lot of information comes in through places other than our thinking brain. In the clamour and clatter of everyday life,no matter how much we may love it all – it can be really hard for a woman to hear that tiny voice calling for her to relax.''

''Having a place to retreat is essential. I'm talking about a place (she-shed) that is designed and decorated exactly for her. A she-shed is a place that mirrors a women's inner life and so as soon as she steps into it, she connects to herself in a way that can get lost in other spaces.''

Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trend and Design at the Home Depot thinks it's important for women to have a shed-shed because they're ''busier than ever and most are the primary caregivers in their households. She-sheds are the new man caves for modern women who are looking for down time to disconnect from their fast-paced lives, all while never leaving the home. These playful havens provide an oasis to focus on hobbies and passions''

Wrapping it up

Whether it's an actual shed, or a spare room in the room, the expert opinion is clear – we all need our own space to relax and do the things we love.

If you don't have your own she-shed or man cave, it's time you consider creating one.

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