Look After The Little Things

Home-maintenanceNot every building or DIY project has to be a major one! Maintenance is a very important part of the process, and now that Spring has sprung, it’s as good a time as any to take care of all those little niggling jobs.

Indeed, many tradespeople make a good living simply from this kind of work. Here are just a few things you should be checking while the weather is milder:


We’ve had a rather stormy winter so this is the time to check that there are no missing or loose tiles and also to take care of any leaks. For safety purposes this is usually a two person job, so ensure you take all the proper precautions.


While you have the ladders out, check the gutters. Ensure they are secure and sturdy, and that there are no sagging areas. Clean them out if needed.


Given the abuse the exterior of a building is subjected to, it is not surprising that they start to look a bit grubby. Spring is the ideal time to pressure wash exteriors and touch up any paintwork.

Windows and doors

Check weather stripping putty, hinges and locks for signs of wear and tear and repair them accordingly. This is also a good time to power clean windows to get rid of the residual winter grime.

Driveways and paving

Check for cracks in asphalt or concrete driveways and paving. In winter water can freeze and expand in these cracks increasing their size and giving you a full blown pothole so sort them now before they get out of hand.


A popular choice for people who want a low maintenance garden, decking still requires looking after. Use this time to ensure that the supports aren’t broken or rotting.  Power clean the decking and check the paintwork and if necessary freshen it up.

Trees and hedges

Trim back trees and hedges now that the weather is milder. This will not only make them look less unruly but it will also ensure that they don’t grow out of control and compromise the rest of your property.

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