How to Clean Your Decking Ready for Summer

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As the summer gets ever more tantalisingly closer (it really does, we promise you!), chances are you are thinking of getting more use out of your decking. 

But the question is – is your decking fit to be seen? If you don’t actually have decking, or you have it and it’s time to replace it, then Chadwicks is the perfect place to stock up on decking materials which are long lasting, and which will add a real asset to your property. 

But if you’re looking for the tips and tricks to give your decking that summer sparkle, all ready for sitting out on whilst you enjoy the long balmy evenings (fingers crossed), read on… 

Your first decking clean before the summer starts should be a thorough one, as chances are that all kinds of dirt and debris will have built up on the decking over the winter. Decking is an outside structure after all. So set aside plenty of time to do this first clean, as a thorough clean at the start will mean less maintenance throughout the rest of the summer, allowing more time for sitting out and enjoying the longer evenings. 

  1. Firstly, you want to clear away any furniture and sweep the decks with a hard-bristled broad brush. This job will probably require a bit of welly, as the saying goes, because you want to rid the area of as much of the loose dirt and dust as you can before the serious cleaning can begin. You should also cover up any electrical outlets. 
  1. Next you need to clean between the slats; either with a smaller, hard-bristled brush or a flat spatula tool which will slide in between the slats and get rid of the debris which will have gathered there over the winter. It’s a hands and knees job, unfortunately… 
  1. Once you have got rid of the surface dirt, it’s time to hose the decking. A power washer will really help enormously here, but an ordinary hose or buckets of warm water will also do the trick. 
  1. Now the serious clean – you can use oxygen bleach to give a good, clean finish (oxygen bleach is more environmentally friendly than chlorine bleach too, so much better for your surrounding garden), or soapy water. Check that whatever you use doesn’t have any contra-indications for your decking or the type of finish that you have on it, and follow instructions precisely for the dilution you need for the product. 
  1. Apply the cleaning product using your power washer and leave on the decking for 10-15 minutes for the best results. If there are any stubborn stains on your decking, scrub them with a hard-bristled brush. 
  1. Rinse off the cleaning product thoroughly with plenty of fresh water. 
  1. You might want to consider a clear waterproof sealer for your decking at this stage (this will need replaced every one to two years); or a semi-transparent stain which can add nice colour to your decking. 

And there we have it – clean and sparkling decking, all ready for plenty of garden-based outdoor entertaining!