How To Build A Brick Barbecue


Barbecued meat, cooked on an open fire ,there's nothing that can beat how good that tastes.

Whenever we're in need of a barbecue upgrade, we tend to run to the shops and pick up the most expensive one that has all of these extra gadgets.

Instead of splashing the cash, why not set aside some time to build your own brick barbecue.

If you’re thinking, ''I have no idea where to even start with a brick barbecue'', don't worry, we've got you covered.

What you need:

  1. Bricks
  2. Brick setts
  3. Sand
  4. Cement
  5. Paving slab
  6. Spirit level
  7. Shovel
  8. Trowel
  9. Hose pipe
  10. Barbecue grates

How to build a brick barbecue:

Step 1: Choose a location. *Remember, you're going to be carrying food and utensils to and from the house and barbecue. Pick a spot that's close to the house but far away from overhanging trees and fences to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Step 2: Dry-fit the bricks. Lay out the first layer of bricks for the barbecue using the barbecue grate as a guide. For less work, try to keep as many bricks whole as this reduces the need to cut them.

Step 3:  Remove the bricks and add the concrete. Mix fast-drying cement according to manufacturer's directions. Spread the first layer, checking the level of the site as you do.

Step 4: Use the spirit level to mark the outer edge of the barbecue in the cement. This provides a guideline for laying the first layer of bricks. When you have the first layer of bricks laid, check the level and make sure that the corners are at right angles.

Step 5: Layer the next courses. Continue building up your barbecue by working up at the corners. The number of layers depends on how big you want your barbecue to be. As you get to the fourth or fifth layer, turn some of the bricks so they jut out into the barbecue. These will serve as the grill grate support ledges.

Keep building until you reach the desired height.

Step 6: Finish your brick barbecue. Once you've reached a height that's right, it's time to finish off your barbecue. Allow the cement to dry, and once dried, stand back and admire your beautiful work!