How Long Should Fixtures & Fittings Last?

fixtures-fittings“They don’t build things like they used to,” is a common lament amongst homeowners, and it isn’t unreasonable to expect your fixtures and fittings to be somewhat durable.

Obviously, there are variables when it comes to predicting the lifespan of things. However, provided you invest in good quality materials in the first place, here is a rough idea of how long you should expect things to last once you take proper care of them.


Wooden kitchen cabinets should last for around 50 years! Obviously the quality of the materials will affect this lifespan but if they were good quality to begin with they should go the distance.

Brickwork and masonry

This can last a lifetime once it is looked after. Brick walls, built correctly, can last around 100 years.


Genuine stone and marble countertops are very durable lasting a lifetime. However, many people opt for the slightly cheaper cultured marble or stone which will last around 20 years.


Exactly how long your decking lasts will depend on your location and the conditions it is exposed to. In Ireland our weather is unpredictable and it will probably take a bit of a battering but ideally you should get 20 years out of it if properly maintained.


The most common materials used for exterior doors in Ireland are aluminium and wood. These should last as long as the house exists however if you are in any doubt about their sturdiness replace them for your own peace of mind and security.


Aluminium windows are generally designed to last around 15-20 years before they need replacing while you should get around 30 years out of wooden windows.


If your floor is made of natural wood you can expect it to last a century. While marble, slate and granite floors should have similar expectancy they do require maintenance as do vinyl floors which will last for 50 years if properly cared for. Lino may be an economical flooring choice but it should still last around 25 years if properly looked after and even carpets can last 8-10 years depending on traffic through the room and maintenance.

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