Get Your Garden Working All-Year Round

Our gardens shouldn’t just be enjoyed during the spring and summer months – especially now that the ‘colder’ seasons just aren’t as chilly and temperature-plummeting as they used to be in times gone by.

There are, in fact, ways in which your garden can be sheltered adequately enough for you to be able to enjoy it during autumn days and even the coming winter months.

What are we talking about exactly? Well, consider investing in some sturdy and hard-wearing garden furniture for a start (something that doesn’t mind a bit of rain and snow).

Next, think about how you’re going to keep warm when it’s coat weather outdoors.

Make the best of your garden space throughout Autumn and Winter! [Image: Maliz Ong]

Essential Outdoor Garden Equipment

  • Some form of heating: Not only is a wood burning stove great to light during summer nights, because it adds such atmosphere to a gathering, it comes into its own on colder autumnal and winter afternoons. Wood burners aren’t expensive to use and it saves you going indoors and dragging your duvet outside. Less expensive alternatives to wood burners are, of course, chimineas and fire-pits.
  • A good roofing structure: There are lots of roofing structures you can buy for your decking area these days from a simple temporary canvas covering that can be pulled across, to a wooden ceiling blind or all-year-round glass structure.
  • Weatherproof your furniture: This is a must if you want to it to be chic in summer. If your tables and chairs are wooden chances are you’ll need a stain to make sure they remain in tip-top condition during the winter months. With wicker a marine varnish usually does the trick. Waterproof covers are another option of course – just make sure they have a layer of PVC to allow the furniture to breathe when stored and to prevent mold from growing.
  • Decent lighting: It’s not just a wood burner that adds atmosphere to outdoors, lighting in particular can create moods such as coziness and warmth. These days it’s possible to buy ‘warm white’ LED bulbs which give off a yellowish glow making them seem cozier. Solar lights are a good way to give definition to a pathway and floodlights will highlight a particular area of rockery or an impressive flower bed. Table lamps and strings of fairy lights dotted around a window pane, fencing or the edge of a veranda also create a pretty glow on dark autumn and winter nights.
  • Cotton and woolen accessories: Yes, we’re talking big scatter cushions and the odd warm winter rugs to put over the knees. Buy these in bright colours so that it’ll make the place look warmer and cheerier too.
  • Encourage some wildlife: Get winter birds to visit your garden. A birdhouse always works well here and a couple of little brightly painted wooden houses always looks pretty too – especially if they’re hung in the trees.
  • Make sure there are plenty of plants: Get prepared for winter months in advance by ensuring there are plenty of holly and rowan berries growing in the garden.