Gardening 101: Winter Checklist

Lawn Care

During the winter months it’s important to continue mowing and watering grass. Lawn should be kept short as winter begins and rake regularly or leaves will mat and smother the grass.


Clean Tools

Prepare your tools for a long winters rest. Scrub them clean, sharpen dull blades and rub with oil to prevent rust.


Finish Picking

Winter brings frosty weather conditions. It’s important you pick the last of any fruits or veggies that won’t survive the harsh winter weather, for example tomatoes.



Winter means leaves everywhere. Gather them up and add them to your compost.


Tidy Up

As the winter creeps in, be prepared to tidy up. Get on top of weeding, clean the gutters, and store garden furniture and drain hoses.


Prepare the Veggies!

Turnips, beetroots, swede, leeks, winter cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale can all stay in the ground in November and be harvested as required. November is also the ideal month to sow broad beans, peas and garlic.



Image(s) Credit: Shutterstock