Gardening 101 Autumn Jobs You Should Be Doing

Autumn is the time that your garden starts to batten down the hatches and prepare for winter. There are lots of jobs you can do to prep your garden for the cooler weather and give it the best chance of passing through an icy winter too. 

1. The one you could easily be doing every day is gathering dead leaves off the ground and adding them to your compost.


2. Trimming back your hedge borders and shrubs.


3. Now is the time to plant your spring bulbs. Even just start with planning where to put them and what you might use this year. Just ensure to get planting before the first frost.


4. Fatten up the birds. If you haven't already got a bird feeder, now is a good time to give back to nature and help them keep warm this winter.


5. Plant your winter vegetables. Yes, there are plenty of vegetables you can grow throughout the winter, including potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and variations of lettuce.


6. Clear away any pots that you won't be using over Autumn and Winter. Ensure to wash them out with disinfectant first and store in a dry place.


7. Collect seeds from the plants you have at the moment and store away for use next year.


8. Tend to your tools. Now is the time to show your garden tools a little TLC. Clean and sharpen them, wash your garden gloves and store away neatly.


9. Divide your evergreen perennials by taking them out of the soil, dividing at the root and re-planting into well-mulched soil.


10. Treat any moss or weeds that have started sprouting again on pathways and borders.