Gardening 101 Autumn Checklist

Spring bulbs

Plan what bulbs you want to grow for spring and organise getting them in and planting them. Plant bulbs like daffodils by the end of October and bulbs like tulips starting in November.


Trees and hedges

Autumn is the best time to plant your trees and hedges while the ground is still warm and before the frost sets in. Consider planting some fruit trees and bushes, roses and plants that need to set down some sturdy roots.


Winter veg

Plant your winter vegetables like potatoes, broad-beans, spinach, peas, lettuce and garlic. 


Weeding It can seem like a thankless job but it's through the constant weeding that you show your garden that care.



Take advantage of the abundance of leaves on the ground, rake them up and add to your compost. Remember that the healthiest compost should be about two-thirds carbon (brown) materials and one-third nitrogen (green) materials.


Tidy up

Like a spring clean autumn is the perfect time to get round to those jobs you've been putting off. Sort out your tools and shed, clean the tools, sharpen what's needed, make sure they are kept dry. Tidy up the edges of your garden paths.