Feng Shui What It Means And What It Can Do For You

Pronounced ''Fung Shway'', Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese earth science that can help you rearrange your surroundings and transform your home into the harmonised haven of tranquility it deserves to be. It does this by allowing the free flow of energy which sounds complicated, but it's really not and who wouldn't like to balance the chi in their home? Read on for some simple principles to follow.


Declutter and fix problems first

It's everyone's least favourite job but how do you expect to the chi to flow freely in your home if it can't get by all the boxes in the hallway or see over the tops of the wardrobes? Also fix any nagging problems that have you’ve been meaning to get to, like the broken drawer or missing lightbulb. Otherise your chi is all ''broken''.


Light and air

It's important to have good airflow in the home. Try to open your windows to air out rooms as often as you can and introduce some potted plants, if you don't already have some, to help clear the air. Light sources are important too so make sure you're taking full advantage of the natural light that can reach into your home.


Welcome the energy in

Sounds hippy dippy but clearing the area in and around your front door is a great way of starting a positive energy from the moment you step into your home. A small water feature in the hallway will signify wealth flowing in and acts as a natural ionizer.



Own the room

When it comes to the bedroom, your feet should never be pointing out the door so position your bed so this does not happen. The idea is said to be that you avoid being startled should someone enter the room. If this is a recurring problem, you could just ask them to knock too.


Bad luck

Mirrors really have a bad rep broken or unbroken. Avoid placing one facing your bed as it could invite a third party in to your relationship, apparently, and then you'll only have yourself to blame won't you?!


Watch the drains

Keeping the toilet lid down and drains/plug holes covered, will help stop your money being washed down the drains. Metaphorically speaking.