Warm up this Winter – Around the World in Coffee Shops

Wherever you are this winter, make sure to beat that cold weather with some hot coffee. Here’s some of the best coffee shops around the world to warm up in this winter.

  • Kaffeine, London

Known for their perfectly crafted latte art and seriously tasty coffee. If it’s your first time there and you have no clue what to order, try a flight. This includes a single shot of espresso, a single shot of cappuccino, and a cold-brew cascara refresher.



  • Noorderparkbar, Amsterdam

A modern black box in the middle of a park, this café is a great place for grab and go coffee and sweet treats. While you sip your warm brew, you can enjoy a stroll around the beautiful park where this coffee shop is located.



  • Caffe Streets, Chicago

The inside of this coffee shop is not to be missed. Marble bamboo plywood runs from tables to ceilings (which features some unusual ear-shaped artwork).



  • Dreamy Camera Café, South Korea

Imagine drinking a cup of coffee inside a camera. Well in South Korea you can. A couple opened a café that looks like a classic Rolleiflex twin-lens camera.



  • 3FE, Dublin

Known for its great service and peaceful atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to unwind, 3FE is for you. Grab a cup of deliciousness and get lost in wonderful roasted aromas.