Are You A Bath Or Shower Fan?

If you answered in the affirmative to either of the subject matters in our title but weren’t sure because you love both a bath and a shower then don’t worry. That’s because if the latest trend across the pond ever really takes flight here in Ireland then you’ll be enjoying the best of both worlds.

Why are we talking about? Well, according to bathroom designers on the number one interior design portal Houzz, the latest ‘must have’ is the showertub ie a bath inside your shower. Yes, you read that right. And here’s what it looks like:

Image via Houzz

Don’t know about you but we can’t help thinking there’s something a bit weird looking about it all. The benefits are big though. For instance if you have a little one who loves nothing more than divebombing his rubber duck and other toys into the bath then you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning up since the mess will all be enclosed in the easy-to-wipe-clean shower area.

And if you have a small bathroom then you’ll be delighted because this design certainly cuts back on the need for space. The third big bonus of this look is that the glass and minimalist look lends ‘spa’ appeal to your bathroom and which in itself is very ‘now.’

Another way of looking at it is to see the whole area as a glass-enclosed wet room (with bath). Incidentally, if you want to stay ‘on-trend’ then the glass doors for your showertub should have hinged shower doors rather than the sliding version.

Image Source

Showers More Popular Than Baths

For those who are forced to make a choice between a shower or a bath (for financial or space reasons) you more likely to opt for the shower. This is according to recent research from marketing analysts Mintel who showed that householders preferred a shower for the simple reason that it was quicker. It seems we can’t even slow down for a bath these days!

Green campaigns will approve of the shower idea though since it doesn’t use up as much water as a bath so is far more sustainable.

Another reason to opt for the shower is that it’s easer to get in and out of. There are far more older folks around these days and certainly maneuvering your way into and out of a bath without slipping isn’t always easy. You could, of course, invest in a grab rail and they do have their place but they don’t help creaking arthritic limbs.

‘Silent’ Baths Replacing Jets

Gone are the days of noisy Jacuzzi baths it seems. Retailers are reporting a bit of a downturn in this side of the market in preference of deep, freestanding and ‘ordinary’ baths. It makes sense really, especially if you’ve sunk into that bath to rewind with a book or magazine. Jets also tend to make the water a bit unpredictable, resulting in wet reading material if you’re not careful.

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