An A-Door-Able Way To Improve Your Home Interior

Looking to give your home a bit of an uplift this summer by fitting new internal doors? Despite the fact we often take them granted, doors really can add new life and drama to your existing internal décor. This is especially so if the doors contain glass since the increased light will ‘open up’ the inside of your home and even make it seem more spacious.

Before buying those doors though some of the points to take into consideration include the style of the door, what it’s made from, how it opens and even soundproofing.

Style Of Internal Doors 

Doors which are panelled are still the most popular type to fit inside a property, whether you have a contemporary apartment or a traditional family villa. Reclaimed (recycled and restyled) doors are particularly popular at the moment due to their eco-nature and you may find they are less expensive too.

Flushed doors as well as glass versions look good in modern homes (just make sure the lower panels are safety glass), while wooden doors with metal are perfect for cottages.

If your apartment or home is small and you’d like more room then folding or sliding doors can be a real bonus since they’ll line up alongside the wall when opened, rather than taking up space in a room which is also tight for space (sliding doors are popular for bathrooms in particular for this very reason). Meanwhile, never go for an ornate and fancy door for a small room otherwise it will tend to overwhelm it.

How Thick Are My Doors?

If you’ve opted for panelled doors then they’re going to be pretty thick since most are produced from solid wood (you can tell its solid wood by the weight and the irregular pattern of the grain). Hollow (ie flush) doors are usually made up of a wooden veneer with cardboard filling. They can also come in a laminate timber-look. Some veneered doors are more solid, being fitted with chipboard or even a steel centre. Flush doors can also come with a panelled look thanks to modern day embossing methods.


What Type Of Wood Is Best?

The type of wood you choose for your internal doors depends on your current or proposed décor scheme, as well as the property itself. As a rule lighter woods such as pine are best for cottages and older properties while dark wood (ie oak and red deal) can look good in modern apartments.

Here at Chadwick’s we supply Deanta Doors. These are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified. This means the manufacturers know which forest it was from and that other trees will have planted in their place).

How The Door Opens

Do you want a right or a left hand swing (this will affect where the handle goes)? Bear in mind too that the door should always open into a room rather than a hallway or corridor.

Is My Door Soundproof?

Soundproofing is important – for your sanity if nothing else. If the door has a rating on the STC (sound transmission class) of 60 then yes, it’s soundproof. Anything lower than that and you’ll hear some noise. At 25 you’ll be able to pick up most conversations through it.

If you’re currently considering changing your internal doors then do feel free to ask us for advice here at Chadwicks.