Activities to Do With the Kids This Winter

Winter is here and with it comes plenty of days and nights tucked away at home. Kids become restless and parents become anxious about how to keep them occupied throughout the cold season. If you’re stuck for things to do this winter, don’t worry, help is here. Check out these activities to do with the kids this winter.

  • Ice skating – A day out at the ice rink is a great way to pass the time. There’s plenty of outdoor rinks so kids can have fun out in the fresh air.


  • Winter hike – Go on a hike in the park, woods, or local mountain area. The kids will enjoy running around and collecting items like rocks and unusual leaves scattered throughout the area.


  • Treasure hunt – Get the kids thinking and moving by organising a treasure hunt in the nearby park. Hide a treasure deep in the woods and set up a bunch of clues for the kiddos to follow to find it.


  • Outdoor puppet theatre – Get creative with the kids. Make some puppets – old socks are a great choice – and build your own theatre from cardboard boxes and other recyclables. Apply a lick of paint and then put on a show for family and friends.


  • Host a garden chocolate party – Nothing helps you survive winter more than chocolate. Grab some goodies, make mugs of delicious hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, get a fire burning and invite some parents and kids around to join in the fun.


  • Be a helping hand – Get the kids doing some good deeds. Organise a litter walk and get the kids cleaning up the estate, filling rubbish bags with every piece of litter in sight. Volunteer to walk some dogs at the local animal shelter. Both child and pup will have a great day. Or bake up some tasty winter cookies and donate them to homeless shelters and other charities.


  • Host a movie marathon – Be different this winter and host an outdoor movie day. If you don’t have a projector and screen, borrow one from the school or local library. Set up some chairs with plenty of blankets and cushions. Pick a couple of movies and set up tables of goodies like popcorn, sweets, and drinks. All that’s left for you to do is grab the kids, sit back and enjoy.


  • Build a fort – Take some pillows and blankets and build the ultimate back garden fort. Spend the afternoon playing games about kingdoms and dragons.


Image Credit: Shutterstock