9 Tips To Mow Your Lawn Like A Pro

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A well-maintained lawn makes a house and its surrounding area more attractive.

If you wouldn't rate your lawn care as the greatest, help has arrived.

Here are some tips on how you can mow your lawn like a pro.

Just a trim

''My best piece of lawn advice is one you might give your hair dresser: just a trim,'' says Brian Rhoden of Daniel’s Lawn Service.

''A common problem many DIY mowers make is cutting their grass too short. Mowing your lawn at about 2-3 inches is preferred. It’s important to do this because it keeps your roots more deeply rooted and keeps away weeds''

Take your time

If you rush it, you’ll miss a spot.

Get Fancy

''Have you ever seen those beautiful stripes in higher end, luxury looking lawns, and football fields? To get those professional looking stripes in your lawn, you’ll need to mow in alternate patterns,'' says Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal.

''Instead of mowing around your lawn starting at the edge and going around in circles like a racetrack, push mow from one end going towards the other end and turn around 180° and mow coming back the other way. This is an easy-to-do method, and with a little bit of practice and sharp lawn mower blades you too can mow your lawn like a professional.''

Mow early

For best results, mow in the mid to late morning when it’s cool but the morning dew has dried off.

Regular maintenance

It's important to not wait too long in between mowing. When the grass blade grows to the point where it can't support its own weight, the blades begin to lean, fall, and weep, which results in a non-uniform cut.

''For the best lawn, cut twice a week,'' recommends James of the Perfect Garden.

Keep your blades sharp

Always use a sharp blade to produce a well-manicured cut.

''Without a sharp blade, the grass will end up being beaten rather than cut, and will turn brown, tainting the lawn,'' says James of the Perfect Garden.


Cutting the grass removes its nutrients.

To ensure healthy growth, fertilise the lawn every four to five weeks.

Cut in a few different directions

''Similar to hair, your lawn has a memory. By using the same route each and every time, your grass will begin to grow back irregularly and with unsightly mow stripes,'' says Evan Harris, CEO, SD Equity Partners.

Change your route to better benefit your lawn maintenance.

Rake the leaves

Remove fallen leaves from your lawn as soon as possible.

Don't let the leaves form a big pile. The sooner you get rid of them, the less likely they are to stick together and form an impenetrable mat that will seriously damage your grass.

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