9 Tips To Make Your House A Home

A house isn't a home until you add some of your colour, personality and flair to it. Whether you're living restricted in a rented space, or a homeowner fed up of staring at those four walls, we have the hacks for you to upgrade your place from house to home.

Wall of memories, Make a statement wall with some of your favourite photos. Print off all those Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram snaps of your friends and family and pin them on the wall.

Wall of Memories

Blankets galore!, Dodgy heating and freezing winters do not match. Make sure you have plenty of blankets around for cold winter mornings and nights. They're also great for decorating boring bedsheets and plain chairs.

Blankets galore

Bean bags, If your place is low on space, don't sacrifice your comfort. If a new couch isn't for you, bean bags are the ultimate slouch chair after a hard day's work.

Bean Bags

Snack Storage, If your fridge and cupboards have seen better days, there's plenty of DIY friendly storage options. For example, use plastic shoe storage to hold snacks instead. It keeps everything organised and easy to grab. And it's easy to see when you're running out of something.

Fairy lights, Fairy lights are a really nice way to add a cosy atmosphere to a room. They look especially good around beds, mirrors and windows. Plus, they're inexpensive.

Fairy lights

Attractive storage, If you're tired of looking at the same old boring bedside tables, and chest of drawers, get creative with ways to store your stuff. Old suitcases, trunks and laundry baskets can be given a new lease of life, use them to store books, magazines, off-season clothes and shoes.

Attractive storage

Rugs, If you're stuck with wood flooring that's seen better days or wall to wall carpet, invest in some large rugs.


Accessorise – Invest in some little treasures to add to every nook and cranny. These could be a bunch of flowers, some scented candles, or some tiny ornaments.Accessorise

Wall stickers , Painting and new wallpaper is probably not on the list but you can transform bare, boring walls with some wall stickers. They're a nice way to add your own style to a home and they're completely removable so you'll be hassle free when you move out.

Wall Stickers


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