9 Five Minute Household Cleaning Jobs

Home improvement isn’t all about knocking down walls and installing new bathrooms. Sometimes a simple clean & refresh can make the home look brand new. You know the score, you get in from work and are too tired to even contemplate any housework. Or you have young children and attempting any job over five minutes is simply an impossibility. Rather than worrying about it all at once, if you can spare just five minutes at a time you’ll find a little goes a long way. Here are our top 9 Five Minute Household Cleaning Jobs.


1Clear the counters.

Wiping down the counters in the kitchen will instantly make the room look a lot cleaner. Rapidly put items back in their place and organise any dirty dishes, you don’t have to do the dishes, just load them into the dishwasher or pile in the sink, just get everything out of view.


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2Wipe down the cupboards

This is often neglected and can make a subtle improvement to how clean a room feels. With a damp cloth and a bit of spray, wipe fingerprints and marks off the front of the fridge and all cupboard doors. Still got time left? Give all the door handles a quick wipe too.


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3Sort part of your wardrobe

For some the idea of organising their wardrobe can bring on a cold sweat. Just choose a small section for today, or one shelf. Go through the items one by one, re-folding as you go and take out any items you no longer wear.


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4Give the bathroom a once over

Clean the sink, toilet bowl and surfaces, give the bath a quick rinse and change the bins.

Give the bathroom a once over

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5Iron five shirts

You’ve got one minute per shirt – go!


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6 –  Refresh the couch

Vacuum under all the cushions before plumping them.


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7Quick mop

After sweeping do a quick mop over problem areas, getting rid of any stubborn stains. You can do a more thorough mop when you have time.


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8 –  Straighten out your bedroom

Make your bed, pick up anything off the floor and open the curtains and window to let in some light and air.


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9Clean the shower while you’re in it

Leave some spray and a cloth in the shower, along with a shower wiper/squeegee so you can clean while you’re in there, ensuring it’s always clean.

Clean the shower while you're in it

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