8 Ways To Really Enjoy A Day Off

After what seems like forever, you finally have a day off from work. Make the most of it. Here's 8 ways to really enjoy a day off.

  1. Have a bath

In our fast-paced world, the shower is the choice of most people when it comes to staying clean. You can be in and out in five minutes. But on your day off, you've plenty of time to get a good soak. A bath is your best friend for relaxing, restoring and refreshing your mind and body.

Have a bath

  1. Make a nice meal

From heavy traffic to staying late, you can’t remember the last time you had a decent meal. Your day off offers you the chance to give the microwave meals the brush off and put some mileage on those pots and pans.

You’ve liked every cooking tutorial video on your Facebook feed, now’s the time to whip up one of those recipes yourself.

Make a nice meal

  1. Go for a walk

People that work heavy work schedules tend to not get enough exercise. If you fall into this category, on your day off go for a walk. It could be a stroll to the shops or a brisk walk around the park.

Go for a walk

  1. Redecorate part of the house

If you're sick of looking at the faded paint in your bedroom, use your free time to redecorate. Give the walls a lick of paint, wash and polish the floor, and get some new bedroom essentials such as bed lined and cushions.

Redecorate part of the house

  1. Sort out the DIY

If you've left a few things in the house fall apart, now is the time to fix them. Busy work schedules gives you the excuse of not having enough time. Your day off, there’s no time limits. Grab your tools and get to work. Change a light fixture, seal windows and doors, remove or replace a doorknob or lock.

Sort out the DIY

  1. Watch a movie or TV series

You signed up for that Netflix account but you haven't had the time to use it. On your day off, grab some goodies and binge watch all those series on your wish list.

Watch a movie or TV series

  1. Get rid of the clutter

Whether its clothes in your wardrobe or friends on your social media accounts, taking the time to get rid of all the rubbish is important. On your day off, put time aside to clear out all the clutter in your life.

Get rid of the clutter

  1. Do some gardening

Getting your garden into top shape is a nice, relaxing way to spend your free time. Get rid of the weeds, cut the grass and plant some colourful flowers.

Do some gardening


Image credit: Shutterstock