8 Pub Sheds to Beat Any Man Cave

So in case you missed it, pub sheds are now a thing. A revolution in shed use if you will. For too long sheds have been undervalued and underused. Previous to the incarnation of the pub shed most were using sheds to merely store tools and gardening equipment. Well no more. The pub shed is here stay. Take a look at some of the gems we’ve uncovered online…


1.The Monkey Bar

First up is The Monkey Bar in Wicklow. Designed by Conor Keating it competed for the prestigious prize of Shed of the Year 2013 voted by fans. It also allegedly boasts the title of smallest pub in Ireland. Though we are sure there is plenty of competition that may not agree!

Pub 1


2.The Effinn Shed

This beaut of a shed was created using recycled products. With its beautiful French style doors any pub goer could be fooled into thinking they were sipping a cognac on the boulevards of Paris. Well in!

Pub 2


3.The Rugby Pub

The Rubgy Pub, winner of the shed of the year 2008, is in a league of its own. Equipped with a fully fitted bar, 3 fridges and a hammock it is an amazing feat of design. Plus no phone, no TV and no shortage of beverages means there’s never an interruption to leave!


4.Duck End Thunderbolt

If the walls in this pub shed could talk! The Duck End Thunderbolt began its life on the railway as a carriage in 1928. And only began it’s life as a shed in 1997. She seems happy and is well looked after now anyways!

Pub 4



Another prize winner WoodHenge was shed of the year 2012. It was popular amongst the masses due to its heart shape and stock of over 500 real ales!

Pub 5


6.Tiki Bar

This magnificent tiki style cocktail bar was hand crafted in Essex. The creators were inspired when seeing a tiki themed bar in Florida.  Its fabulous design and craftsmanship make it a knockout on any continent!

Pub 6


7. The Moody Cow

The Moody Cow is apparently more of a “party” shed than your traditional pub shed.  Inside guests will find an up lit fully stocked bar, under floor heating, a 65-inch tv and an impressive sound system.

Pub 7


8. Lamie log

This cozy pub shed was named after the owners late Dalmatian George. A truly great tribute to what must have been a great friend. I’m sure Lamie the dog would of loved a tail wag and a pint in this lovely pub shed.

Pub 8