8 Hilarious DIY Fails!

We are absolute DIY nuts. We love checking out cool ways to renovate, build and repair. Though when we are not researching new projects we love crawling YouTube for DIY fails! Here’s our top 8. All of which would definitely be worthy of a spot on Jeremy Beadles “You’ve been framed”!

Just a little to the left…

This builder looked to chip off slightly more than expected! Though certainly made light work of it.

Lawnmower monster
This has to be the most high-powered lawnmower going! It’s a good job he moved that tennis ball! Something dangerous could of happened!

Wheelbarrow disaster
Who knew wheelbarrows were so tricky to maneuver? This poor chap found out the hard way!

Timber…Not really
When felling a large tree it is always advisable to seek the assistance of an expert.  Here is why…

Small shed removal…no problem
Do it yourself they said…You’ll be grand they said! Even the simplest tasks can be trickier than expected. As this gentleman found out…

It’s in the oven cupboard
Remember the golden rule of DIY? Measure twice and cut once! I think this installer forgot their tape measure!

Support beams are very important
Identifying support beams and walls is key when renovating a home. This man found that out the hard way!

That’s why I said no!
This DIY mishap was only seconds from being avoided! Unfortunately or fortunately for us this DIYer didn’t hear!