8 Cool Ways To Hang Or Store Your Bike

With cycling on the increase and storage space often costing a premium, bike storage has become a big problem for many people. Cyclists living in apartments can have real trouble but so too can pedal-power lovers living in larger homes. To help inspire you we’ve picked out some of the best products and bike storage methods we’ve seen to date.


1. Wood hang or hold.

Wall mounts and ground stands are some of the most popular bike storage systems. Independent Woodworks provide the above oblong wall mount and ground box. They offer a variety of woods and styles.

Bike 1

Source: Independent Woodworks


2. Delta Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage

This handy storage unit offers storage for two bikes. It simply leans against a wall with no attachment required. The arms are adjustable to accommodate bike size.

Bike 2 Delta

Source: DeltaCycle

3. Wooden Bike Self/Rack

This beautifully designed wooden wall mount is not just a bike rack it also includes a shelf and hidden storage box. The wood is pine and can support 20kg.

Bike 3 Wooden_bicycle_shelf___rack_by_VeloPolka_on_Etsy

Source: Etsy


4. The Bike Valet

The Bike Valet is made from aluminum. What we love about it is that it offers two additional hooks. They are perfect to hang a helmet or bag.

Bike 4

Source: Bike Valet


5. The Elk Bike Hanger

The Elk is handmade from the highest quality oak. The product is made by Wood Stick ltd. The unique shape of the cut makes it a feature in any home.

Bike 5 Oak_Wood_Bike_Hanger_Elk_with_exclusive_Burl_grain_by_by_Woodstick

Source: Etsy

6. Cycloc

Cyloc offer a range of cool and functional bike storage devices. In the above you can see the Solo the horizontal wall mount and the Endo their Vertical mount. Both the Endo and Solo include a feature where bikes can also be locked securely to mounts.

Bike 6 Cycloc_-_Cycle_storage_solutions___Bike_storage_UK_and_worldwide



7. Brighton Tall Locker

These weatherproof steel units include an easy access guide ramp. Great for anyone with a garden looking to store and protect their bike outdoors.

Bike 7



8. Bamboo Vertical Bike Rack

This wall mount is made from the sustainable wood bamboo. Each rack is hand cut from a perfectly chosen section of bamboo.

Bike 8 Bamboo

Source: Etsy