8 Builders Tips On What to Look Out for When Buying a House

Buying a house is a big investment. The decision to buy should be taken only when you are sure that the house suits all of your requirements. We have asked the builder friends of to give us some tips on what to look out for when we are viewing any house with the intention to buy. Here is what they have come up with:


1. Is the Building Structurally Sound?

Firstly, when you are viewing any potential home you want to be sure that the house won’t fall down around you. If you are not a professional engineer or an architect it can be hard to tell if a building is in great condition. Check if there are tiles missing from the roof, water damage inside or out and make sure the floors feel solid under your feet.

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2. Damp Walls Can Cost

When you are viewing a house make sure to look at all of the skirting boards and ceilings for any damp marks. This is one of telling signs that the walls are damaged and could lead to some major costs in future renovations.

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3. Interior and Exterior Layout

Think about your ideal house layout and then picture how you would achieve it. If you need to knock down walls to get that extra room space is there a wall to allow you to do this. Use the same logic for the outside layout. Where do you want to get the sun; front or back? Know the direction the house is facing.

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4. Always check the plumbing

Run the taps in all rooms connected to the water supply to ensure there is no creaking or dripping.

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5. Check the Window Panes

Condensation on the windows could mean that the seals on the windows are faulty. Are the windows double glazed? Old houses may still have single glazing, making the property cold in winter and the heating bill rise exponentially.

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6. Is There Enough Storage Space

Before running out to buy extra wardrobes to house your prized clothing check what storage comes with the house. Is there room to convert the attic? Is there adequate storage in bedrooms and the utility area? If not, consider how you would add storage areas to the house.

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7. Is the Property Insulated

Insulation can save on heating bills and if there is no insulation it can add a major cost to the upkeep of the house. Depending on the area you live in insulation may be compulsory as part of any planning permission, renovations or new builds.

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8. Don’t Rush

Last but not least take your time when you are viewing any property. Don’t get over excited by the colour of the wallpaper or the fact that the house has the perfect sized garden. Check all of the essentials first and spend at least 25 – 30 minutes looking over the details.

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