7 Ways to Make Your Windows Gleam

Now that the long days of summer are getting steadily shorter it is a great time to start on those tedious household jobs that you have been putting off. Starting with the finger printed windows. Here Chadwicks offer some tips to help you get your windows sparkling every time you clean.


1. Wipe in the right direction

Side to side or top to bottom? These are two ways of using your arm muscles to wipe over the windowpanes. This really is a matter preference. The key is to stick with one way of wiping the panes until that pane is done. If you are wiping a cloth from top to bottom, continue to do that all the way across the window until it is streak free.

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2. Only clean on the grey days

Regular cleaning enthusiasts believe that window cleaning should be done on cloudy days. The grey sky makes it easier to see the streaks and the lack of sun makes sure that you don’t get any fake shininess on the glass windowpanes.

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3. Use old t-shirts

Reusing old clothes is uber fashionable these days so even if you are not planning on re-wearing your old stuff why not put them to good use as cleaning tools? An old but clean cotton t-shirt can be the perfect material for scrubbing out streaks.

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4. Warm water and a dash of cleaning product

This tried and tested method of cleaning windows is simple but effective. Half boil the kettle and add the water to a basin with half a cup full of window cleaning product. Now all you need to do is use your elbow muscle to scrub each pane.

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5. Getting rid of streaks

For streak free results all you need to do is take extra time to admire your handy work once you have finished wiping the windows. If you spend a little time looking over your work you will spot streaks here and there that can be easily rubbed out.

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6. Use a garden hose for outside windows

Cleaning second floor windows can be a hard task but with a long stretching garden hose you can reach all of those tricky spots. Simply plug your hose on to the warm tap and spray off all of the dust, cobwebs and dirt gathered outside.

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7. Telescopic Poles
These are the newest gadgets for getting windows sparkly clean. Telescopic poles allow you to attach a hose to one end of the pole and easily extend it to reach second floor windows and places where the dirt would otherwise build up without a ladder.

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