7 Tips for an En-suite Bathroom

An en-suite bathroom may be considered a luxury, but there are many ways in which to make it possible on a budget. [Image: Qloungemiami]
Perhaps you’ve wanted an en-suite¬†for ages now, but could never afford what seemed like a luxury in such austere times. Now that the recession is over, and things have picked up a bit, many of us are finding we can afford to go ahead and plan an en-suite without worrying about future finances.

Before you do go ahead and splash out, though, here are a few tips to take into consideration first: 

Choose wall-mounted rather than floor standing furniture

Not only will this make your en-suite look larger (because the eye can roam freely round the bottom half of the room) it will physically be larger too since wall mounted bathroom furniture is smaller than floor standing furniture – in fact most wall mounted bathroom furniture suites have been created specifically with en-suite’s and small bathrooms in mind.

Make the accessories wall mounted

Instead of a floor standing pedal bin get a wall mounted version instead; you can even have the toilet brush attached to the wall. Don’t bother with a bulky towel rail but simply install a hook on the back of the door instead. What you are attempting to achieve here is to keep the floor as free as possible – to give the room an uncluttered appearance and the impression of being larger than it actually is.

Make the most of a mirror

Mirrors magnify the size of any room, provided it’s not reflecting a lot of clutter! Opposite the sink, or above it is an excellent place to put a large picture mirror. These days, it’s possible to purchase mirrors with LED installed. This not only makes them more of a showpiece but also adds to their reflective qualities and allows a more relaxing light for chilling out in the bath at the end of a long day.

Consider portable storage

If an en-suite is really small and therefore lacking in suitable storage space then a small trolly with portable baskets (ie for face towels, cosmetics and toiletries etc) could be just the ticket. When not in use store it in a nearby walk-in closet.

Hiding unsightly pipes make for an improved look to your bathroom. [Image Source]
Hiding unsightly pipes make for an improved look to your bathroom. [Image Source]

Conceal ugly pipework

Unsightly pipes can make a small en-suite bathroom feel cluttered. Conceal then beneath the sink in a box or by installing a back to wall toilet so that they’re actually built behind a panel.

Build a wetroom

If you’re not a big bath fan but prefer a shower then it might be an idea to consider a wetroom instead. This way you’ll make the most of the space you have and can have a seat built in for resting while carrying out your ablutions. For the sake of leaking water this will definitely require the advice and help of a professional fitter.

Don’t discount the eaves

It’s possible to build an ensuite bathroom using just 2m square to fit in a compact shower, basin and toilet. This means fitting one into an attic conversion if you’re thinking of doing something with all that additional space which is probably just being used to store ornaments, old bikes and keepsakes right now anyway. Other areas for a new en-suite include the end of a hallway or even a corner of a large bedroom.

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