7 Things Your Garden Needs from You this Spring

Spring is upon us and before you know it the summer sun will be peeking up over the horizon. Now is the time for a little planning in order to spruce up your garden to ensure a top notch garden come June.


A spring clean

First things first, remove debris, dead plants that didn’t survive the winter and trim back dead growth on your hedges and shrubs. This will allow your soil access to light, air and also to be able to properly drain spring showers down to where they’re needed.


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A soil cleanse

Start with testing to the soil with a pH test kit to see what is needed for a perfect balance. For instance, a low pH may need some lime added.


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A compost pile

Besides the obvious benefit of cutting down on household waste a good compost will work wonders on your soil releasing its glorious nutrients slowly, promoting a healthy growth. Start a fresh pile even if you have one going already to avoid spread of any plant diseases.


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Some mulch

While March is marvellous for mulching heavy soils, too much and you can smother plants not just the weeds, which is what your aiming for. Be sure to keep about an inch of space around each flower stem and a good 10 inches from tree trunks to avoid rot.

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Neat lines

Don’t forget to rake up dead leaves and spilled over compost and pick off dead leaves from the shrubs. This will all help in the preventing the spread of plant diseases. Clean lines such as borders between grass and plants will help you keep things in order also and prevent spilling over.

garden borders

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Working tools

Any power tools you have should be getting regular maintenance checks so now is a good time to get them fixed. Don’t forget to take a look at your garden furniture too which may have taken a battering over winter months.






Garden tools

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Flowers for summer

The soil is a little warmer now and should hopefully have a nice crumbly consistency which makes it perfect for planting some summer flowers and plants. Choose a spot where that gets a good few hours of sunlight a day and bring out your potted plants that were hibernating inside and prepare new beds for your early spring flowers. Don’t forget to fertilise and water over the coming months.


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