7 Questions To Ask The Builder When Buying A New Home

After years of saving, you finally have the money to get a place of your own.

The hassle of getting the money took a lot of energy but it doesn’t stop there. The search to find the perfect house can be a much bigger hassle. There’ll be a lot of things going through your mind – can I change the interior? Can I extend? Will I like the surrounding area?

Shop wisely. Here’s 7 questions to ask the builder when buying a new home.

  • Can I extend?

When purchasing a house, you have to keep the future in mind. Sure, the space might be fine for now but if the family gets bigger, you’ll need more room. Is this house adaptable? You’ll need to know if you can change one part of the house without affecting the other, for example if you want to add an extension onto the kitchen.

Can I extend


  • How energy efficient is the home?

All homes being sold must hold a valid BER certificate.

When you’re looking at homes, you need to bear in mind the building energy ratings.  For example, think about renewable energy. If this home doesn’t have any source, is it possible to add solar panels to the roof to generate electricity?

How energy efficient is the home


  • Is there space on the roof?

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, home office or man cave, you’ll want to know if the attic can be converted. Also, keep in mind the stairs, because if you’re converting the attic you’ll want an extra flight that doesn’t interfere with the existing ones.

Is there space on the roof


  • Can I see the plans?

It’s a good idea to ask to see the plans for the house. If you don’t know how to read them, ask for a copy and bring them to an expert who does. A home is a big investment, it’s important to know you’re buying a good one.

Can I see the plans


  • Has there been issues with other properties in the area?

It’s important to know the area where you’re interested in buying. That means finding out if there’s any problems (past/present) in the area.

Has there been issues with other properties in the area

  • Can the kitchen be changed?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. In most households, it’s the most used room. Therefore, it’s important that you like it! If you’re not in love with the existing kitchen, make sure it can be changed without any problems.

Can the kitchen be changed

  • What way does the property face?

If you love the sun beaming through the window in the window, then best make sure your bedroom is facing south-east. To plan who gets what bedroom and which room will be the living room, it’s important to know which way the property faces.

What way does the property face


Image credit: Shutterstock