7 Lovely Conservatories To Have A Cup Of Tea In

Calling all plant and garden enthusiasts! We’ve trawled the web to find our favorite conservatories. Even if you’re not a green-fingered gardener you will still enjoy these amazing glasshouses. Check them out below…


1. Eden Project, London

First up is the fantastic Eden Project in Cornwall. It is one of the UK’s biggest treasures. Not your typical conservatory, in that its biomes look more like something from space than the garden. What’s amazing about it is that it boasts so much natural diversity. At Eden there is a rainforest biome, a Mediterranean biome, a rainforest canopy walk and spectacular outdoor gardens! Plus it has the ideal cup of tea spot in the Eden Med Terrace.

Cons 1 Eden Project

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2. The Great Conservatory, Syon Park

The inspiration for the once amazing Crystal Palace, the Great Conservatory is an inspiring place. The structure is truly magnificent. It lies adjacent to fabulous gardens that have been maintained and nurtured for over 600 years. Well worth a visit.

Cons 2 Great conservatory

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3. Butterfly Conservatory, Cambridge

The Butterfly Conservatory is home to over 2000 free-flying tropical butterflies and moths! They originate from Costa Rica and the Philippines. Many of the butterflies & moths arrive at the conservatory still in their cocoons or chrysalides. Visitors can watch from the emergence window as the butterflies and moths break out and take their very first flight. Lovely spot for a cuppa we think you will agree!

Cons 3 Butterfly Conservatory

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4. Schönbrunn Palace – Palm House, Vienna

Located on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna the Palm house is a spectacular feat of engineering. It is the largest glasshouse in Europe. It is one of four greenhouses at the Palace. Schönbrunn Palace is Austria’s most visited site and a world cultural heritage site.

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5. Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

Famed for being the oldest public wood and glass conservatory in North America. The conservatory of flowers is a breathtaking place. The conservatory is located at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Cons 5 Conservatory of Flowers

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6. Muttart Conservatories, Edmonton

The Edmonton skyline is broken beautifully by the 4 pyramids of Muttart Conservatories. The pyramids are broken up by themes; arid, tropical, temperate and the feature pyramid which changes several times a year.

Cons 6 Muttart_Conservatories_Edmonton_Alberta_Canada_20A

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7. The Princess of Wales Conservatory, London

Princess Diana of Wales opened the Princess of Wales Conservatory in 1987. It was commissioned to replace a group of 26 smaller buildings. It recreates 10 different climate zones. A plant of interest there is the Euryale ferox water lily. It can span 2 meters wide and hold the weight of a baby.

Cons 7 Waterlily_house_kg_036

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