7 DIY Valentine’s ideas You Can Organise In A Hurry

Perhaps you’ve been walking around in a daze lately and have failed to notice the bombardment of flowers chocolates and cards in the shops advertising this special day to honor your better half. Now it’s upon you and you’ve broken out in a light sweat as yet again you have left it last minute. The only flowers left in your local garage appear to be the runt of the litter and you’re gonna need to pull something out of the bag, fast. Let our 7 DIY suggestions help you give your partner a day to remember and turn you from romantic zero to hero.


1. The Love Letter

This most romantic of gestures is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. In your best handwriting, let the love flow through the pen, down to the page. Throw in some happy memories, some wishes for the future and your partner will be so impressed they’ll fail to notice the letter-headed office paper it was written on. St Valentine would be proud.

Love Letter

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2. Love Vouchers

Tell your partner that this year you couldn’t put a price on your love for them so instead will offer up your time and services. You can make your own vouchers or print ready-made ones off the Internet, just be realistic with how many you make or you could find yourself completing tasks for weeks. They could be romantic like ‘breakfast in bed’ and a ‘full body massage’ or practical like ‘total ownership of the remote’ and ‘a sleep in on the morning of your choice’ – great if you have young kids. Be creative and thoughtful.

Love Vouchers

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3. Heart-shaped breakfast

These suggestions are so easy to make but will gain you many brownie points. Tell your partner to have a lie in because ‘you got this’. When they quietly doze off you can race out to the local shop to get ingredients. For heart-shaped pancakes, make the batter as normal, then you will need to put the mixture into a pastry bag or plastic food bag with a corner cut open. Pipe onto the pan in a heart-shape to cook and voila! For the bacon, cut in half before cooking and fold into little hearts.


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4. A pamper bath

This is a perfect way to indulge your partner using things you already have. Make sure to give the bath a good clean then fill with bubbles and scented salts and surround with as many candles as you can gather. Depending on what time of day it is, prepare breakfast or dinner while they soak (don’t forget to drop in a cup of tea or glass of wine) and then lovingly appear at the end to scrub their back. Little touches like warmed towels, flower petals from the garden and relaxing music will turn this into a bath into a home-made spa.


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5. Picnic by the fire

This is for those lucky enough to have a working fireplace in their home. There’s nothing more romantic then snuggling up by the fire while icy winds howl outside. Why not throw a rug down in front of the fire, laden with cushions and prepare a romantic picnic for your partner. Wine, cheese and chocolates should be a given but a local take away could work too as long as your partner can tell you made an effort. Just remember the fire guard and don’t sit too close!

fireplace picnioc

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6. Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Very simple and easy and a universal symbol of romance.Nothing says I love you more than a dozen or so strawberries painstakingly dipped into melted chocolate one by one. You just need to spare a few minutes to nip to the shops to get the two ingredients. Serve spread out on your best china and pop on their favourite film.


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7. A Day Out

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, you can tell your partner you have planned a romantic day out. While they’re getting ready make a few phone calls to reserve a table for brunch/lunch and have a quick think about where to go. Explore the local tourist sites, go for a walk in the park or by the sea and then follow it up with a coffee or glass of wine before heading to the cinema. Be sure to smother them with lots of hugs during the day and they’ll think your just the sweetest.

Romantic walk

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